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Department of Environmental Monitoring International State Sakharov Environmental University
23, Dolgobrodskaya Street, 220009 Minsk, Belarus
Phone:+375 17 2995134 Fax: (375 17) 2306897
Home page: http://alrisha.pisem.net
Home address: Str. Gamarnika 11-47, Minsk. Home phone: (375 17) 2624448 GSM: +375-29-6341838
Professional experience:

2004 - 2000 Assistant of the Chair of Environmental Management & Audit. Responsibilities: geomorphology, topography & mapping,land resources & monitoring, management & environmental audit of territory, field practice of the students.
2000 - 1995 Responsible for technical and information maintenance of chair of the French and German languages.

1995 - 1992 Graduated from the International Sakharov Institute, Radioecology Department. Radioecologist.

1992 - 1991 School N1, Vitebsk City, teacher of geography, school N22, teacher of initial military preparation.
1991 - 1986 Graduated from the Belarus State University, faculty of geography. Geomorphologist. Assistant.

The publications: more...

  • Downloading the component "public participation" into international environmental programs in the republic of Belarus. The theses 2 International conference 'EDUCATION AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT". November 16-18 2004, Moscow
  • Problem of "hot spots" of the Belarus part watershed of the river of Dnieper. The theses of the reports of the International conference "INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES IN THE TRANSBOUNDARY DNIESTER RIVER BASIN", September 16-17, 2004, Chisinau, Moldova
  • Involving of a public in process of acceptance of the decisions in to the UNDP-GEF "Dnipro Basin Strategic Action Programme and Implementation Mechanisms". The theses of the reports of the International Conference ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY: NATURE AND SOCIETY. April 2-3, 2004, St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Implement of the complex plan on management of an environment in small communities. The theses of the reports of the International scientific conference "Theoretical and applied problems of geoecology", Minsk 2001, Belarus
  • Environmental audit and environmental certification of especially protected natural territories. The theses of the reports of a republican scientific - practical conference. Minsk 2000, Belarus
  • Radioaktivitat, Strahlenschutz, Erneuerbare Energie. The methodical manual for the students of the senior rates. Minsk 2000. (co-authorship)
  • Mauvais temps sur la planete. The methodical manual for the students of the senior rates. On the basis of the French videofilm. 1997. (co-authorship)

Participation in the international programs: April - October 2003: Participation in the project UNDP-GEF and IDRC (Canada) Preparation "Dnipro Basin Strategic Action Programme and Implementation Mechanisms". The expert. December 2002 meetings NGO with the developers Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis for the Dnipro basin. The expert. 2002 Program small grants UNDP-GEF and IDRC (Canada), project directed with NGO on realization of rules to the Aarhus Convention in Republic Belarus. The scientist chief of group of the students.

Training, improvement of professional skill: 01.2002 - 06.2002 Management of environmental safety. Faculty management of a higher school. Republican institute of a higher school. January - February 2001 IATP Approved Course Linux System and Network Administration.



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